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UPDATE (06/19/14): New, interactive table of contents for top posts now available here.

UPDATE (11/7/11): I've just posted a new list of useful (?) pedagogical material developed on MMmusing. Take a look: Using MMusing


I started this blog in February of 2007, partially to fill the time created when I decided to give up following sports for Lent. March, April, and May were quite prolific; since then things have slowed down to a more normal pace, about 10 posts per month. As much as anything, I began the blog to get myself writing regularly, but I've also ended up creating quite a bit of multimedia content to complement my musings. The most fun way to sample that content is to spin (click) the MMmusing Wheel over in the right margin; there are more than 100 different possible outcomes. If you're less daring, you could just check out some of the "signature" posts in the margin, or browse the index below. You can also explore MMmovies at MMtube and MMmusic at the MMjukebox.

Christmas Specials - I spent my first December as a blogger bringing back some old Christmas creations of mine:

Hattopalooza - my first and favorite blog topic, the Joyce Hatto scandal, inspired several posts and even some sonnets.

- a series of posts and videos that explore various types of looping systems, from Bach canons to an ambigram on the cover of a DVD box.
  • Slavic Sequence Segue - explores and merges similar passages in Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky.
  • Tchaikovsky Loop - the same sequential Tchaikovsky passage is looped indefinitely and paired with an Escher-like animation.
  • Swan Loop - A passage from The Swan is extended via Shepard Tones, while yet another Tchaikovsky sequence is looped, much to the annoyance of a circling swan.
  • Canon Loop - Bach's modulating spiral canon is recorded using Shepard Tones so that it continuously modulates upwards without going anywhere.
  • Ambigram Discovery - my first exposure to the art of ambigrams, via the cover of The Princess Bride DVD case.
  • Bach's Crab Canon - a recording in which the second voice is simply the reversed audio of the first, with crustacean animation.
  • Bach Ambigram - my first ambigram creation, revealed as the letters are drawn in counterpoint, with Bach's crab canon as accompaniment.
  • Carrousel perp├ętuel - The score for Poulenc's Mouvement perp├ętuel #1 imagined as a merry-go-round.
Tune Theft Archive - a variety of posts concerning pairs of unrelated tunes which sound suspiciously similar.
Poetry & Other Creative Writing
More Word Abuse - technically, it happens in every post, but ...
Audio Mashups
MM's Virtual Singers - computers can sing!
Video, etc.
Score Visualizations
Phun with Photoshop
Shameless Exploitation of Cute Kids
Masterpieces in the Stickman Medium
Things I Tend to Write About
Clever Things I Quoted, Borrowed, or Stole

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