MMmusing's Magical Multimedia Musing Machine

About 100 days into my blogging career, I noticed that multimedia was starting to play a big role in my musing, so I designed the machine above to send readers off to random images, sounds, and videos that had figured in my posts. I've been updating it ever since. As of November, 2009, there are now about 150 directions in which it might send you. In most cases, you'll land on multimedia that was created specifically for this site, and in all cases you'll find a link to the original blog post to which the content was first linked. However, it can be fun to stumble on the content first and wonder why it's here. (In some cases, I'm still not sure.)

So, spin the wheel and see what happens...and you can always spin again using the machine over there in the margin.

MOST RECENTLY UPDATED IN FEBRUARY, 2017. Now features well more than 300 possible outcomes.