I used to vibrate night and day
and tighten up my bow
to make it easier to play
with steely strings in tow. 
I loved a chorus hundreds strong
for Bach’s and Handel’s scene,
until one day you came along
and tuned to Four..Fif..Teen… 
HIPP-HIPP Hooray for Historically Informed Performance,
It's not too late to be an early-music gal.
My playing's up to date, whether 1698
or a 19th century musical locale.
I've learned the ways of the days that came before us,
from tired traditions I have been set free.
What once was old is new, and now I'm telling you
the past is where the future lies with me.  
I sold my Steinway late last year
cause I prefer to drive
a double-manual clavier:
It makes me feel alive! 
I improvise and ornament
and realize figured bass,
and realize I’ve been heaven-sent
back to that time and place. 
I can't count the countertenors
I've had over to my place.
I can't deal with all those sinners
who think wobbling equals grace. 
Don't believe that propaganda
the Romantics left behind.
A theorbo or da gamba
is romantic in my mind. 
Notes inégales are just my style
My rhythms fairly dance
I would’ve been so versatile
In 17th century France. 
We’ve tuned our hearts authentically
to temperaments just and mean;
and now I know that every key
sounds best at 415.

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