In the bleak midwinter, as sung by Renee Fleming on A Prairie Home Companion, 12/13/08. You can compare the lyrics to Christina Rossetti's original version here or here.
I blogged about it here and here.

In the bleak midwinter
When the sky was low.
Children walking homeward
Wishing for the snow.

Christmas lights in windows
All along the way
In the bleak midwinter
At the close of day.

In the bleak midwinter
At the Christmas feast,
A family leaves Chicago
And travelled to the East.

For a public mansion
In Washington D.C.
In a time of trouble
And festivity.

All across the nation
Sea to shining sea
People watch the passage
Of that family

And our loving wishes
Go out to them there
All the nation breathes
A silent hopeful prayer.

In the cold gray dimness
Of a winter dawn
People rise and shine
And put the coffee on.

There are lists to make
And stockings to be filled
And a house of gingerbread
Someone must build.

In a gray December
Waiting for the sun
People rise at dawn
And do what must be done.

In the cold and darkness
Look around and hear
Singing in the streets
And angels coming near.

Angels descending
Voices bright and clear.


That's funny, I could have sworn it ended this way when I first heard it on PHC.

What can I give him?
Poor as I am.
If I were a liberal,
I would be a fan.

If I were a wise man,
I would do my part.
Yet what can I give him.
Give my bleeding heart.